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Associação de Vivencia Shalon

International Project of the Rotary Club of Crofton


Shalon is a charitable organization, founded in 1997, located in the outskirts of Vitoria, Brazil. At the moment, they have 100 children from 06 to 16 years of age, considered 'at risk' in their community.


The children participate in various activities and projects, in areas such as health, education, culture, and fun activities. As well as highlighting the dangers of drug use, and the dangers of the local drug traffic cartels, they also receive orientation on the importance of family, citizenship and human rights, along with democracy and social awareness.


The children, who go to school in the morning (from 7:00AM till noon) stay in the Shalon Center in the afternoon - the ones who attend school in the afternoon (from noon till 5:00PM) stay in the Center during the morning. They have their main meals there and do their homework with the help of volunteers. They also play football, play games and learn many crafts, when they have materials to work with.


In October 2009, our Club financed the installation of an industrial water filter for the Center, as the tap water they were drinking was making the children sick. The Rotary Club of Crofton also helped to refurbish the kitchen, as all their pots and pans were extremely unsafe to use - some did not have any handles, and some were in a terrible state, as they had been crushed beyond recognition! The club also bought them food and many kitchen utensils needed to make their lives a bit better; as the Center had only a few forks, no spoons and the few plates they had, belonged to the church in the community!


In March 2010, our Club helped Shalon's newly elected Board of Directors to make the building more manageable by improving security (installation of doors in classrooms), safety (repairing broken walls and fixing holes in staircases), sanitation (remodeling/repairing old toilets and installing new hand wash basins), improving water supply to the kitchen and painting the building, improving the visual impact of what Shalon means to that community.   


We also made a partnership with a local Rotary Club (The Rotary Club of Praia do Canto) who is helping us to take Shalon into a stage of self-sustainability in the near future.


Any help you give us will go straight to them with no administrative costs and we are very grateful for your kindness.