The Rotary Club of Crofton has launched a new international project in conjunction with Rivers of the World Foundation, a Crofton-based non-profit organization.
Nepal and Northern India have been plagued by natural disasters over the last two years. The Crofton Rotary Club is helping the Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation (also a nonprofit organization) establish a safe drinking water and water testing school in Ghansali, India. Located at the headwaters of the Ganges River, this is the source of drinking water for millions of people, many of which are living in poverty. The Safe Drinking Water and Water Testing school is hosted by the Himalayan English School in India, ROW has provided the first of the testing kits, and a building has already been donated to the effort by a local guru.  This effort will allow local folks to learn to test, identify and eliminate sources of pollution and will have a lasting effect for many years to come.
Please help us in this effort by sharing the link to our fundraising effort ( ) on your personal and company Facebook pages, Linkedin page and website.
While there, please consider making a donation to this effort; even if it's just a few dollars, your investment will go a long way to helping Rotary International reach its goal of making safe drinking water available to everyone.